All jobs considered

I pride myself in being reliable, professional and keen to do good quality work at a reasonable price.

All those little jobs you never get round to doing – make a list and then contact me. I am a strong believer in repairing things – if that is what you want.

Flat pack furniture assembled, shelves put up, roller blinds fitted, cupboards adjusted or repaired, garden work, kitchens fitted, tiling, decorating and general joinery work all undertaken. See some pictures of recent work!

No job is too small.

I pride myself in customer satisfaction and this means I place a high importance on keeping to appointments, discussing and meeting your requirements, being trustworthy and ensuring a job is done well, at a fair price.

I am based in Sheffield and will travel to suit your needs.

For further assistance contact Darrell on 07771749741 or




2 comments on “All jobs considered

  1. Evening Darrell

    Found my list:
    Corner bookshelf
    Two planters
    Back gate screws and filler
    Bench screws
    Advice on garage storage

    Friday morning is in the diary.

    Best regards,


  2. Hello Darrell

    I know you are not taking on any work at the moment but when you are would you contact me as I have plenty of work that’s needs doing . I have been recommended by Alan Peacock .

    Thank you

    Alison Schofield

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